Ino’s Love: A Short Story/Audiobook by Marianne Sciucco

Caregivers, many times, really are unsung heroes. Today, Marianne Sciucco is unveiling her new audiobook short story, “Ino’s Love,” about an elderly woman and a loving caregiver. Check it out! This 28-minute audiobook could help make a daily commute seem shorter or offer a change of pace while you’re out walking your dog.

Marianne, welcome back to my blog. Please, won’t you tell us about your new audiobook?


INO'S LOVE AUDIBLE FILE I adore audiobooks, so naturally I want other audiobook lovers to be able to listen to my stories. This summer I teamed up with veteran television reporter and co-anchor Terry Murphy to bring my short story Ino’s Love to life. Terry is best known for her nine years (1990–1998) anchoring the tabloid show Hard Copy and, since 2003, reporting for the entertainment show Extra.   She has done a fantastic job with Ino’s Love and I can’t wait to hear what readers have to say. (Read on for my interview with Terry.)

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